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Hi! My name is Miranda Farley and welcome to my travel blog. My first trip abroad was when I was around 12 years old. From there on in I caught the travel bug and it is still inside me after all these years.

There are over 190 countries around the world today. That’s a lot of countries that you can potentially visit. Depending on where you live you can have a couple of them nearby just waiting for you to take that first step and come on over.

Me, I’ve only been able to visit 17 of them so far. That means I roughly have about 175 more to go. The good thing is that I have a lifetime to do it so who knows how much more I can get to.

What makes travelling such a wonderful experience? For me, it’s all about meeting other people with cultures different than mine. It’s being able to sample the culinary delights that other cultures have to offer although I do draw the line when it comes to wriggly live food that fight my mouth.

More importantly, I see traveling as a way to really see what is out there. Yes, I have seen the pictures of the Pyramids at Giza and they are amazing. But to actually stand at their base and look up at them is another thing altogether. You stand there in awe as to how our ancient forefathers were able to accomplish all of this.

Being able to climb up to the top of both the Pyramid of the Sun and Moon in Mexico was another experience I will not forget. Pictures don’t do justice to these kinds of places. You don’t feel the wind or the rocks below you nor do you feel yourself getting out of breath as you climb up towards the summit. That’s something you can only feel when you are actually there, at the very spot where those pictures were taken.

Here’s the best part. When I take a picture this picture is different than the ones I see in magazines. The pictures have to them than just pictures because they also carry the memories of what I did in those locations. That’s what travelling really means to me.

That’s why I am a travel bug. I may have about 175 more countries to go but that’s not really a hindrance. It’s more like a goal for me to go after.


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