February 27, 2014

Travel Cheaper: Spot the Best Deals

Often the reason why people don’t travel is because of the expense. Indeed, going somewhere for a period of time requires money – to pay for the transportation to get there, the lodgings once you’re there and the extras such as food and souvenirs.

That’s why a lot of people wish they can do more traveling that they are doing now. It’s because of expenses. What if you can travel around without really spending a lot of money? It is doable and all it takes is some time on your part and the resources needed to pull it off.


The thing that you need to do is research. This is a way for you to get the best deals possible so that you don’t wind up paying a lot for most of the things that you need to get in order to travel.

Transportation – How you get from point A to point B will vary. For the most part you will probably fly to your destination especially if it is overseas. Most people rely on their travel agents or do the booking themselves by going online.

The thing is most people stick to what’s already tried. That is to say most people stick to using airlines that are known. Unfortunately, because they are known (think Lufthansa as an example) they may not always be the cheapest.

If you do a little research you can get cheaper flights that will still bring you to your destination. Broaden your search and you can find airlines that offer the same flights but at a discount – often up to 50% less than what the big airlines are offering.

They can do this because most of them don’t fly from and to the main hubs like say JKF or Heathrow. They typically fly from secondary airports close to these hubs. This means less congestion but it can be quite a ways from where you want to go.

If you don’t mind that then you can save a lot. Add the savings of not flying during peak days (i.e. weekends) and you can really save a lot when it comes to flying.

Accommodations – Once you get to where you’re going you will need a place to stay. Hotels are readily available in most of the countries around the world. However, they can be expensive.

Look for deals such as book a week and get two nights free. As an alternative you can book your stay at other locations that offer lodgings. These may not necessarily be hotels. They can be hostels or bed and breakfast type accommodations.

You can even stay for free if you know how. There are such things as home exchange programs. This is where you exchange homes with another person in the place where you want to go to. They basically stay in your home while you stay in theirs during that time. This is a possibility that you can look into but be sure to do it with a program that is trustworthy.

Another saving tip is to book both your flight and accommodations during the off season. Usually, vacation time is usually very expensive. That’s because airlines and hotels know that people will need a flight and a place to stay during those times. They are not going to run out of customers.

However, during the off season times there are not a lot of people traveling. This means that they won’t have a lot of customers readily available. If you plan your travels during these times you can get great deals on flights and hotel stays which will save you money.

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