May 7, 2014

How to Survive an Inconvenience- Less Travelling: A Before and During Travel Tips and Reminders

Okay, so I may have already spent tons of time (and money) travelling. Once or twice I’ve forgotten to bring items essential or nonessential. Good thing I never did forget nor leave my passport and other travel documents anywhere. However, I did have my ups and downs. I’ve drawn a silver lining for those bad experiences, though. I call them: the things that put colour to my escapades!

There are many things to expect when you already get to a new country, or even continent. You’ll encounter several good -and not so good- stuff along the way. Alas! I did; a lot of them. Let’s just say that on my travels, I knew exactly what to bring, but did I bring too much? Yes.

So, let’s narrow down all the things that you can bring and you cannot bring, okay?


You already know what to pack: medications, travel documents, clothes, camera, etc. But please, please, and please, do not pack excessive clothing, okay? You’re going to travel, not to photoshoot. Pack light. And I mean light. Okay, I’m too tempted to discuss this with you. Let’s side track a little and do a little check list of what NOT to bring.

Excessive Clothes

Like mentioned earlier, pack light! You can even start rehearsing your clothes. Study the amount of clothes you wear in a week (if this is the same time span your travel will take). Count them!

A little tip though: don’t bring too “fearless” clothes, and by fearless, I mean those that reveal too much skin, most especially when you’re travelling to a country that observes strict religious practices and customs. You might offend locals. You don’t want that to happen.

This discussion also leads me to jewellery. All right, so I did experience this. I love wearing a good set of earrings, paired with the best necklace to match. What I didn’t know is it attracted local robbers. I was an apple of their eye especially that I was bringing something else that made me look like a tourist, which I will mention later on.

Things You can Purchase Anywhere

Don’t include them, like toiletries, a plane shirt, or even slippers. They will just make your bag heavy. When you get to your destination, you can visit a mall and buy them there. If, however, you have prescribed soaps or shampoos because you’re allergic to anything else, better bring them with you just in case.

I think you’re all set. You know what to bring. I just reminded you of a few more important details, which I was not reminded of when I first travelled. That’s the thing about travelling. You wish you can bring the whole house with you. You are acquiring paranoia. You suddenly realized the importance of every item in your house.

How to NOT Look Like a Newbie

During my early years of travels, I went gallivanting in the streets fully armed, like a warrior about to face a battle. I had my back pack, my camera, and my travel guide.

How do you think I looked like with all those things with me while I was excitedly scampering my way on the new streets? Exactly, I look like a tourist, a foreigner, an alien. But the locals are great, though. That has been always the case. I was just a little concerned about the ones with “cruel intentions”, come to think of it.

So, be careful in bringing the following:

I know, we can never let taking pictures go. However, we must not make it hang from our necks all the time. It’s good to take photos, but we must always place them in a bag after taking photos.

Especially the big ones... That’s why when you travel, you always have to bring another small bag with you. A sling bag for the boys will do, and for the gals, a tote will always do the trick.

We must never constantly flip on our guidebooks. Read them before going out of the hotel, not like “Belle” in Beauty and the Beast, if you know what I mean.

If you want a travel not filled with inconvenience, just remember all these stuff, which are all summed up to two points:

1.    Don’t bring too much stuff. Chances are you’ll be worried you’ll be leaving anything behind when you’re leaving the hotel room, and

2.    Try your best not to look like a newbie trying to survive a new place. You’ll attract the “not-so-good” set of people.

You think you’re good to go? All right, have a safe trip! Please be mindful of this travel tips. Or as what I’ve learned in my many travels, Gute Reise! Auf Weidersehen!


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