May 29, 2014

How to Survive a Long Trip: Several Simple Tips on Landing Gracefully

Before you get to Oz, you need to go through the yellow brick road. In other words, before you get to your dream vacation spot, you have to go through the longest flight- ever!

Aside from the jetlag, this is going to be a killer. But hey, don’t worry; there are some things that you can do to avoid the ever possible flight ennui! Prepare your own thrill.

This is supposed to be one of the things that you should prepare for. Apart from the flight preparations that you need to consider- and you should do this big time, you should also prepare for that long flight.

Believe me; it’s going to be irritable. If you come unprepared, you are going to have one unforgettable experience, especially if you can’t sleep your way through it.

Aside from picking the best airlines, which is one of the best ways to fly, you can do all these other stuff:

Dodge Peak Times

There is nothing else that speaks “hassle” when you’re on a full packed plane. Your travelling agent will be able to advise you about the quietest time to fly. The flight service will be better, too, compared to a full packed flight where the staff will have to accommodate a lot of people.

Prepare for Sleep

Sleeping is one of the best options when travelling, but because you’re not lounged up on your own bed, sleep can be a little impossible. This is the case for many people.

It may have been that you’ve heard that certain sleeping pills work for your friends. DON’T ever think about bringing and taking the same ones. Some doctors advise that sleeping pills should not be taken lightly, especially with people who have present medical conditions.

Sleeping pills will really help, but make sure that these are the ones prescribed by your doctor; not an influence by friends. It may have negative results.

Choose Comfortable Clothing

Remember that alliteration. It keeps you off discomfort. It’s understandable that you want to look your best when you reach your vacation spot. However, you can change your clothes after your flight. Don’t travel with too much going on with your clothing. Just wear stuff you find comfortable. No one’s going to inspect your clothing selection while you’re seated on a plane seat in a 16-hour flight.

Your Own Entertainment Centre

You have a lot of options here. First, you can fill your ipod with your favourite songs, probably good for 10 hours, just to be sure. Most of all, don’t forget to charge your device. Bring your earphones with you.
Also, you can download a movie in your tab. Switch your tab to flight mode and enjoy your own movie. Believe me; the in-flight movies are bad at times. It’s better if you come prepared.

You can also bring your own book. You don’t get to read much at home because you need to work. Now is the best time to do so.

If not, you can fill your journals. This might be the best time to write because the long flight gives you a chance to think. Write down whatever significant thoughts you encounter along the way. They don’t come often, especially to busy people.


Don’t be afraid to move around if you want to. Stretch out a little bit. That’s why comfortable shoes and clothing should be worn. It makes stretching and moving around much easier. Plus, this helps fight off the fatigue you feel after the flight, including the ever inevitable jetlag.


Don’t forget to drink water and other caffeine-free fluids during the flight. This enables you to fight-off the “dryness” during the flight. Drink water. This also helps combat jetlags.

Consider Travel Items

There are travel pillows, air plugs, eye mask, and other travel items to help you sleep and be more comfortable in your seat. These items help you doze-off easily and more comfortably. If you don’t need pills, make sure sleeping is easier.

It really depends on you. There are times that I exhaust myself or not get some sleep before the flight to make sure that I get knocked out during my flight. It was part of my experiment. Maybe you should try it, too, but jetlag is more possible when you fly exhausted.

Whatever it is that you do, it’s up to you. It’s your trip, and perhaps your ways are more comfortable. If not, try mine. They make my trip less unpleasant, and they minimize the risks of jetlags.


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