June 18, 2014

My Cruise Ship Fun!

In all my years of travels, I have preferred the more “unstructured” ones. I’m a free spirit. I prefer to frolic the new streets and cities in my own time, in my own pace. But of course, there are just times that I don’t want to think; that I need my travels to be structured and made for me.

I’ve got one word for you, my fellow travellers- cruise! Yes, cruise. I’ve totally done it, and it was FUN-tastic! It’s totally one of the best ways to meet people.

All-Around Vacation

Cruise Ship

Don’t worry; you won’t stay on board for too long. After a few days of being at sea, you’ll get to several destinations to get to know each of them. Tour guides and packages will help you get more familiar with different places without having to worry about where to go, what route to sue to get there, and even where to buy souvenirs.

The good thing about this is that you don’t have to change rooms every now and then. You don’t even have to bring your luggage when you tour around a new city. There are no worries, really.

And when you’re on board, you get to be delighted with good service, food of all sorts, fine rooms, and even a fun all-out night life! It’s like being in a small city that gets to other places several days after being at sea. And, if you like swimming, there are deck pools that can satisfy your cravings for a good sun-kissed skin.

Great Food!

Chefs on board are those who have studied in prestigious schools and experienced in several land-based hotels, and you can rely on them to satisfy your palette. You can even watch your diet while you’re on board if you’re one of those health junkies. The cruise food caters all people and their different needs! And yes, cruise menu is kid-friendly as well.

A Cheaper Vacation

Cruise travels have packages, including your meals and the trips that you make when off-board. You can cut off the everyday expenses that you make for food, hotel rooms, transportations, etc because these are all covered in one cruise package, depending on the package that you choose, of course. But there are those that cover a lot of travel needs that can certainly cut the costs compared to your usual travel escapades.

Family-Friendly Trip

Cruise ships have different programs on board that make sure people get the most of their trips in the best way! You don’t have to worry if you bring your kids along with you. They have services and programs that focus on entertaining the kids alone while the parents can have their bonding time. There are programs created for kids that are entertaining and safe, giving your family different experiences when on board. The parents can still unwind and not watch after their kids every minute. Just leave them to the hands of the child-friendly staff and let them enjoy a fun-filled cruise with kids their age.

I personally booked a cruise trip once because I was forced to. I really wanted to get away that time, but I wasn’t totally prepared. Then, I read about cruises on line, and when I got there, I had a wonderful time!
But don’t forget to prepare- to come fully armed. Preparations before the trip can make or break your vacation. So, be ready for battle!

Maybe you should try it, too. Then, share what you spy with your two eyes. 


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